In most cases people use tattoo art as a way of body embellishment and in this case bow tattoos are charming choices for females and we are going to represent bow tattoos for girls. Among so many cute and feminine tattoo designs bows are the cutest and the most charming ones. They make a nice appearance on female bodies and look very exquisite.

bow tattoosThe bright colors and the subtle shapes they have appeal to the majority of women who think about their first tattoo. Actually they are great as fist tattoos because you can get them in small sizes and since the statistics show that people usually go for small designs when they decide to get their first tattoo, bows offer ideal options.

Bow Tattoo Meanings

One may think that bow tattoos have no meaning at all and they are used merely as body embellishments but it’s not true. Bow tattoos have quite interesting meanings and if they were meaningless they would hardly become so popular. The usage of bows is widely spread among girls. They are formed by tying loose hair on a ribbon which makes it look more delicate. These tattoos symbolize the liberation of a woman’s souls and the femininity she has in her appearance, attitude and lifestyle. Bows are usually associated with happiness and joy that women are used share with people surrounding them. Bow tattoos are loved for another reason as well. They can be worn on body areas which are attractive and thus can make them look more captivating. Though they look pretty on any part but girls prefer to wear them on necks, wrists, thighs, ankle, arm, finger, back of the ear, shoulder and lower back. A bow tattoo is a wise trick to attract attention.

Bow Tattoo Designs

Bow tattoos can be depicted in various ways and in various forms. The design may bring out an image of a loosely tied ribbon which can be with or without a lace. You can choose any color, shape or size for you bow tattoos. The most popular hues that are used while creating a bow tattoo are red, pink, blue and purple. In some designs you may see stripes trims and polka dot which create original designs. Few are cases when women choose black or grey bow tattoos because these tattoos are meant to bring joy due to their vivid colors. Other option of a bow tattoo is jewelry-looking bows. They are used as ankle, bracelet and finger ring tattoos. Some couples go for these tattoos to show off their everlasting love towards each other. In this post you can find different designs of modern bow tattoos.