Men and women following the traditional tattoo art and old-school tattoo designs often go for different types of tribal tattoos be it a Polynesian, Maori, Native American or Hawaiian. All the tribes differ from each other with their designs, principal themes and shapes. But there is a general principle that unites all the styles. Today we’ll speak about tribal animal tattoo designs and will give some explanations to the meanings they hold.

The general features of all tribal tattoos are the method with the help of which the members of different tribes get tattoos and the bold sharp designs. That is to say people used to get tribal tattoos on their bodies in harsh methods ripping the skin and depicting a design on it with deep black ash. They used edgy and sharp tools in order to get a perfect design of a tribal tattoo. As times have changed the methods of wearing a tribal tattoo are also changed. Though any tattoo is painful enough but it cannot be compared with the pain that ancient tribal tattoos brought to the body. Men who wear tribal tattoos usually want to show off their masculinity, bravery and power. As for tribal animal tattoos each chooses the tribal design of the animal in the nature and attitude of which he/she finds some similar features associated him/her. Compared with standard and natural-looking animal tattoos tribal animal tattoos are basically done in bold black ink sometimes combined with reddish hues.

Popular Animal Tribal Tattoo Designs

When it comes to animal tattoos everyone is free to choose the animal he/she wants. But there are some popular ideas for tribal animal tattoos about which we’ll speak right here. So, the most popular tribal animal and bird tattoos are lion, wolf, horse, eagle, bull, fish, bear, turtle, frog, snake, scorpion, crab, dolphin, spider, cat, lizard, nine nailed fox and some other wild creatures. Each of these animals has special meanings about which we have already spoken in our other articles. The tropical animals like the sea turtle, lizard, frog, crab and scorpion come from the Polynesian and Hawaiian tribal cultures. They are very nice designs and look quite eye-caching. Horse, eagle, wolf, bull, lion and bear tribal tattoo designs come from the Native American cultures and these tattoos are sometimes combined with feathers and dreamcathcers. Here are represented the best examples of these tattoos. Have a look at them.