Today’s article is devoted to on of the most powerful tribes and their tattoo art in the world. It’s Maori tribe and the body art created by it. Though they are old tattoos but the majority of men go for tribal tattoos considering them the most masculine ideas for a male tattoo. However there are is also a kind of women who prefer just Maori tattoo designs.Maori tattoos 2016Like any other tribal tattoo art Maori tattoos are also known with their mysterious and meaningful designs as well as with their painful nature. The real way of getting a Maori tattoo is b not that easy and it requires some courage before a member of the tribe can go for it. In the modern world the thing is a bit easier. With the help of involved technologies and tools you can get a Maori tribal tattoo on your body easier and quicker. At the end the result looks like the real design and provides you with the desired effect. It goes without saying that each design is unique in its style, shape, size and of course in its meaning. You can never find a design similar to another one and this makes them more fascinating and alluring.

The History of Maori Tattoo Art

The ancient stories tell a lot about the origin of the Maori body art but the most interesting one is the following. It is said that a young warrior with the name Mataora fell in with Niwareka who was the princess of the afterworld. To marry Mataora NIwareka was ready to leave the afterworld but later on she was hurt by him, that’s why she returned her home. Then Mataora returned to the afterworld to bring back his love and here the king of the afterworld taught him the body art which he brought to the world with him. Just at that time people opted for the body art as a way of recognizing each other. Nowadays it is believed that the origin of Maori tattoos came to New Zealand from Eastern Polynesia. This stunning tattoo art inspired many European conquerors who have exchanged their weapons with the designs of Maori tattoos. These tattoos symbolize strength, power, masculinity and prestige. They are very complicated tattoos and the most popular designs are Pikorua, Te Ora O Maui, Nga Hau E Wha, Hei Matau, Koru, Manaia and Hei Tiki designs. These are the Maori tattoo designs known all over the globe and each has special meanings. They are done in traditional dark black or brown inks and unusually are met in large sizes. Men prefer to get them on arms, chests, shoulders, back, sleeves and hands. They are meant to enhance the masculinity and the muscles of the wearer.