Scorpions as tattoo ideas have always been in tattoo art starting from ancient times. These are poisonous creatures that can live in different palaces and can survive even in harsh conditions. Scorpion tattoos are mainstream tattoos and are worn by both genders. These tattoos have old stories and come from tribal cultures. They are cool and impressive enough tattoos and are worn mainly by people born under the scorpion zodiac sign.

Scorpion Tattoo Meanings

There are many legends associated with scorpions in Greek culture. In Egyptian culture scorpion was worshiped and it was the symbol of the lasting maternal sacrifice. It was the representative of the God Set which was the God of desserts. Ancient Mayas linked the scorpion with surgery. The symbol of state Durago was scorpion in Mexico. In Buddhism it was found in the designs of swords, amulets, talismans and handles.

Among zodiac tattoos scorpions are one of the most used ideas. They are loved by people born under its sign and are appreciated for their qualities. These designs are often done in black color and few are cases when people choose bright hues for their scorpion tattoo. They get it on different body parts and in various shapes. You can get it in a fire which makes the design hotter. Men prefer to have these tattoos on their back, chest, shoulder, arm, and forearm, hand and so on. Women get them on their necks, ankles, legs, thighs, arms, ribs as well as napes and shoulder. The latest effect used to create a striking design is the 3D style .it brings out the frightening image of a scorpion leaving a great impression and influence on the watcher. The small designs are very suitable for women as these tattoos look attractive for women. You can get it on your ankle or foot. Another popular part where females can get a scorpion tattoo i the lower back. Those who like the tribal styles may also like the idea of wearing a catchy and flashy tribal scorpion tattoo on their skin. These are generally done in sharp and edgy shapes which make the designs differing and unique. As people used them as talismans in ancient times you may follow their example if you believe in superstitions. So, the options are various and each goes for the idea and image that most of all attracts him/her. Any tattoo artist can provide you with a variety of designs of scorpion tattoos and you may pick the best design for you. Also have a look at the examples shown here.