Tattoo art is the most fashionable body adornment that people use for different purposes. They are worn by young people as well as by adults and each chooses a design that best represents his/her personality. As for body parts the preferences are various for every individual. There are sleeve, back, chest, wrist, face and other tattoos and today we’ll speak about ankle tattoo ideas for women.Ankle Tattoo Idea for Women 2016Ankle does give us a good opportunity of wearing an attractive tattoo. These tattoos are especially loved by women who want to enhance the beauty of their body. There are small and beautiful at the same time. The subtle designs chose for these tattoos make them even more seductive. They look hotter particularly when women wear short dresses along with high heels. In this case the tattoo becomes more eye-catching and captivating. In spite of being small ankle tattoos are perfect for anyone who wishes a spiffy tattoo design. There are lots of ideas to do with ankle tattoos. Though you cannot wear a complicated design but you can make a great choice between simple and cool designs like stars, hearts, dragons, fish, flowers, vines, birds, dreamcatchers, feathers, ankle bracelets and so on.

Generally these tattoos are feminine in their nature. Today they serve are as fashion statement means and are very popular. Ankle tattoos are quite expensive and painful as well. For this reason many go for henna tattoos instead. You can get a tattoo on your upper ankle, outer side or on the inner ankle. Depending upon the wearer the tattoo may be extra-small or may cover the entire canvas provided by ankle. It also depends on the design you plan to wear. Ankle tattoos are seen in various hues and patterns. The most popular designs are stars, roses, butterflies, teddy bear, bows, tribal designs and feathers. Vines are usually combined with flowers, leaves and butterflies. You can also get a name or quote tattoo on your ankle. The use of subtle hues is very important when the thing is about ankle tattoos. You’d better use pink, red, purple, blue and green inks in order to get an exquisite design. If you are fond of traditional tattoos you may use only black or brown ink. Whatever you choose will surely look attractive on your skin and will draw attention to your body particularly to your legs. So, if you have decided to have an ankle tattoo try to do more research to find out the coolest design for you.