It is not a secret that the main aim of wearing a tattoo is grabbing attention and making the body attractive. For this reason people think carefully before wearing tattoos and they consider body parts which can best reflect their tattoo designs. Rib tattoos have always been the best choices for tattoo art lovers who wanted to enhance the beauty of their bodies and to wear a seductive tattoo design.Rib Cage TattoosAnother benefit of these tattoos is that they can be hidden and easily concealed whenever you want. You can hide it for as long as you want and you can show it off when you need to. But there is also a disadvantage when the thing is about rib tattoos. Because of the boney part they are quite painful tattoos and require much bravery from the wearer. On the other hand it provides the tattoo artist with enough canvas and thus the result will be appealing. Rib tattoos are the hottest tattoos among other tattoos. This makes many man and women go for rib tattoos. But before getting a tattoo on this area you should choose suitable design so that your tattoo can look beautiful and effective. Your tattoo speaks about your taste, personality, way of thinking and as it’s forever you should pay special attention to the theme and the design you choose for it.

Popular Rib Tattoo Ideas

Rib tattoos are for those who have that much courage to take the pain that these tattoos bring with them. You should be ready to carry it till the tattoo artist finishes his/her work. If you want a spiffy and impressive tattoo then you should go through this. You are expected to choose a modern, stylish and very attractive tattoo designs. Below we introduce you some ideas for your rib tattoo and you haven’t decided what image you want for your rib tattoo you can pick one of these.

Rib Tattoos for Men

Many men who have six pack abs consider rib tattoos as good way to enhance their masculinity. The popular rib tattoo design for men include masculine elements and details like tigers, dragons, snake, Japanese Koi fish and alike. These tattoos should be depicted in a way so that the watcher may get impressed. There are thousands of ideas that can be used for rib tattoos.

Rib Tattoos for Women

Just like male wearing rib tattoos to show off their masculinity, females get rib tattoos to grab attention to their bodies. They usually prefer more feminine and subtle designs. The most popular ideas are flowers, birds, butterflies, stars, feathers, dreamcathcers, musical signs, and arrows and so on. Among flower tattoos young girls choose roses, lotuses, cherry blossoms and lilies. There are many cases when women wear nice combinations of flower and butterfly tattoos on their ribs. They look catchy and very admirable symbolizing the beauty and the tenderness of a woman. It is recommended to get a colorful and flashy tattoo using the right shades for your design.