Getting a foreman tattoo is a quite brave and risky step as it’s an eye-catching and very visible tattoo that you can hide only in cold seasons. However many men prefer to have their first tattoo either on the wrist or on the forearm omitting the fact they may be criticized by many people around them. This body part is appealing also for women and females go for forearm tattoos too.forearm tattoos 2016Actually there are fantastic solutions for forearm tattoo designs and ideas and each can wear a tattoo according to his/her taste. The new and modern ideas in tattoo art created by smart tattoo artists offer you very original designs for forearm. The choice is always up to you and if you are in a search of a creative forearm tattoo we will help you with our advice. First of all forearm tattoos differ from wrist tattoos with their size. That is to say they are larger than wrist tattoos and sometimes wrist doesn’t provide you with much canvas and you are supposed to get your design on your forearm. This is the first advantage of the forearm as a body part for a tattoo. They you should consider the fact that it’s very noticeable and you can get a special message for the surrounding people either in an image or in a quote. Moreover, you can get a design which needs either a horizontal or a vertical smooth space to be reflected in its beat way. It can be a poem, quote, an arrow, a portrait or any other image that looks good in straight form. You can get a smashing tattoo on your forearm in any style you want; tribal, Celtic, 3D, floral, animal, watercolor, lace, skull or geometric. This also allows you to have a sleeve tattoo. You can always use your imagination and create an incredible design for your forearm tattoo keeping in mind that tattoos are forever and they reflect your thoughts, feelings and view in general. So, if you are a man you may like to wear a bold and dark colored tattoo on your forearm. The most popular ideas are tribal, 3D styles, geometric and animal tattoos. Women usually choose subtler deigns like flowers, vines, butterflies, birds, lace and watercolor tattoos. For a more creative tattoo design we offer a compass design, dreamcathcer, splash of colors, fascinating quote or poem, vintage mirror, map, arrows or a stylish symbol. You can have your tattoo in a colorful or monotone effect depending both on the picked design and your interests. Sometimes Bible themes tattoos are also chosen as forearm tattoos the aim of which is to show off your beliefs and orientations.