The ideas for sleeve tattoos are so various and incredible that when you look for a design meeting your preferences and interests you get confused. Which one to choose and which theme is the best for you? This is the first question you should have an answer for to get a sleeve tattoo. Then you should consider the fact that sleeve tattoos are large enough and cover either your entire leg or arm or even both legs or arms.

Sleeve Tattoo Designs for Men

If you are a man and want to get a sleeve tattoo you should do a thorough research to find the most inspiring design for you. There are several modern and stylish ideas I can offer. You can choose the traditional tribal style for your sleeve tattoo, you can go for a biomechanical sleeve tattoo or you can opt for Japanese tattoos. There are also Celtic, Mexican, cartoon, ripped skin, geometrical, forest and water sleeve tattoos which look very flashy. If you choose the tribal or the Celtic style, your tattoo may have black or brown, sometimes red hues. But if you have decided to go for other designs they may require much coloring. However the choice is always up to you when it comes to colors. You may opt for a half-sleeve tattoo using only the canvas provided by arm.

Sleeve Tattoo Designs for Women

Since we distinguish between male and female tattoos due to the chosen designs we can say that female tattoos look subtler and prettier than male tattoos. As for sleeve tattoos women have a great opportunity of enhancing the beauty of their bodies. You can opt for flower, vine, and Japanese, poem and bird sleeve tattoos. They tend to make your skin look more eye-catching and beautiful. If you have other ideas for sleeve tattoos you can discuss it with your tattoo artist and create a unique design. Sometimes the 3D style is also used in these tattoos and if you like realistic tattoos then you can get a 3D sleeve tattoo.

Other designs for sleeve tattoos that look strange and very original are fruit, animal, travel inspired, skull, fire and flame, cartoon and lace tattoos. Sometimes space tattoos are also depicted on entire arm or legs and have a fascinating mysterious touch in them.

Before You Get a Sleeve Tattoo

It’s very essential to make sure you need a sleeve tattoo because these tattoos are very eye-catching and visible and if you have decided to go for a sleeve tattoo you’d better choose the right designs not to be sorry in the future. You should also consider the fact that these tattoos take much time to be inked and they are painful enough. Then, you are supposed to hire a skillful tattoo artist for a professional and good-looking tattoo. If you pay special attention to the following factors you’ll make the right choice. In any case you are always welcome to wear a half-sleeve tattoo which requires less space.