Yin Yang is a simple yet very meaningful design for a tattoo. Recently there is a quite noticeable tendency of wearing Yin Yang tattoos and the main aim is to represent its meanings as well as to embellish some body parts. Yin Yang is a Chinese symbol representing perfect balance, unity and peace. As a modern tattoo you can wear a Yin Yang Tattoo in 2016 and it will look very stylish.yin yang tattoosYin Yang Tattoo Meanings

As I have already mentioned above the design of the Yin Yang is very simple but it holds deep symbolic meanings which make it a good idea for a tattoo. They are also traditionally known as Taijitu and are colored in contrasting white and black shades. Yin represents a black dot in white hue and Yang brings out a white dot into black color. This perfectly symbolizes a unity of two contrasting and opposite things which can be referred to many ideas in our lives like male and female unity, water and fire, sun and moon and alike. This doesn’t mean that one is positive and the other is negative, but emphasizes the fact that none of them can exist without the existence of the other. It’s all above harmony, perfectionism, absolute peace and unity. That’s why these tattoos are also worn by couples. You can see cases when the half of the design is worn by a boy and the second half is on the body of his lady. It symbolizes the strong love, total balance and harmony between the two. This proves the fact that in spite of representing total difference man and woman can’t exist without each other. Thus these tattoos are perfect for both sexes not only because of their appealing design but also for their symbolic significance. The Yin stands for the cool, soft, slow and damp, while the Yang is the symbol of dry, solid, rough and speed. It’s all about the circle of life where even contrasting things can complete each other; moreover they can’t exist without the other.

Where to Get a Yin Yang Tattoo

As the main purpose of wearing a tattoos is to draw attention the body part chosen for it should be considered beforehand. As for Yin Yang tattoos, it is recommended to wear them on visible body parts. You can get it on your back, neck, wrist, ankle, chest, shoulder, arm and feet in any size you like. However this symbol looks spiffy in small sizes. As the colors for these tattoos are in white and black, those who wish to get a colorful tattoo may choose water and fire or a sun and a moon combination. They are more detailed and eye-catching designs. so, if you have decided to wear a tattoo you’d better choose a Yin Yang tattoo for 2016 as it looks fashionable and is something new in tattoo art.