Delightful Sunset and Sunrise Tattoos

There is something miraculous in each sunset and in each sunrise. There is something inexplicable in each sunset and in each sunrise and there is something breathtaking in both of these magic. Sunset and sunrise appeals not only human beings but also animals. It’s the wheel of the life that reminds you of the ongoing life. People loving and enjoying sunsets and sunrises often go for sunset and sunrise tattoos.

Cool Sea Turtle Tattoo Designs

When it comes to animal tattoos we find so interesting symbolism which inspires people. There are too fascinating and less symbolic animals and as for turtle tattoos we can say that they are very astounding animals for many cultures. This is a strange creature with an ability to navigate both in land and water. Its shell makes it look unique and more exceptional. In body art turtles are representatives of well-balanced, strong and stable nature.

Realistic Eye Tattoo Ideas for 2016

Striking and very realistic tattoos sometimes seem very cool and even hot. Today the trendy tattoo ideas are realistic tattoos and eye tattoos in 2016 could be very fashionable. These tattoos have deep meanings that are mainly associated with soul, mind and way of thinking. Not everyone can go for such a tattoo but those who choose are brave enough.

Hottest Peony Flower Tattoo Designs

As most of the flowers are symbols of femininity the majority for women think of flower tattoos as first tattoos. They are so lovely for them that they even go for extra-large flower tattoos which cover their entire back or sleeve. Among flower tattoos peony flower tattoo designs are one of the most beautiful and eye-catching ones. They are mainly large in size and look pretty good on female body.

Awesome Foot Tattoo Ideas

Nowadays tattoo art is one of the most stylish ways to embellish the body and to grab an attention. People wear tattoos on different body parts but sometimes they choose areas that look strange for tattoos, yet provide much canvas for an awesome design. One of these parts is foot where you can wear any creative design you like. So, let’s have a look at the best foot tattoo ideas below.

Samurai Tattoo Designs and Meanings

People studying the Japanese culture definitely have come across to the origins and stories about Samurais. These are the man of weapons in ancient Japanese history and have a great significance in Japan. The aim of Samurais was to protect gentlefolk and to provide their safety. Today we’ll discuss Samurai tattoo designs and their meanings which are very interesting and engaging.

Exciting Best Friend Tattoo Ideas

There is nothing more exciting than being surrounded with kind people who are always by your side no matter what, where and why. These people are called best friends and they are the ones you can trust on and can be sure they will never leave you. Most of us have best friends in their lives without whom they cannot imagine their life. Just for this reason we devote a special article to best friend tattoos.

Extra-Small Finger Tattoo Designs

Hand and fingers are one of the most visible body parts that are harder to cover or hide compared with other areas. Tattoos depicted on fingers are very flashy and noticeable. The best advantage of finger tattoo designs is that they are in extra-small sizes and cover less canvas. These tattoos are loved by both sexes and are considered as the best options for first timers.  

Nicest Rainbow Tattoos

If there was not a rain we couldn’t meet the rainbow. Rainbow is the sight of God that He will never again destroy the word with water. It was first seen after the big flood and is always smiling us with the sun after each rain.  Today many people get inspired by it and nice rainbow tattoos on their bodies in different styles.

Top 10 Extravagant Tattoo Ideas

When we do our research in the sphere of tattoo art we sometimes meet such extravagant tattoos that drive us mad. Here we have brought together the most extravagant tattoo ideas that you can ever see. Some of them are just masterpieces and some are simple yet very astounding designs. Check them.