Wonderful Love Tattoo Designs for You

Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Once you are loved and feel love towards people you understand that life is worth living. People usually go for sacrifices in order to keep their love and to protect it till the end of their lives. Love tattoos are perhaps the most requested tattoos all over the planet. Most people choose these very tattoos to show their love towards someone or something.

Stylish Gold and Silver Tattoos

The idea of depicting gold and silver tattoos came in the mind of a talented tattoo artist Nobuhiko Akatsuka in 2006. This is the latest stylish body art that Arnaud Flambeau considered during his traveling in Japan and brought it with him in the Middle East. These are temporary tattoos that last only seven days and are worn basically by women. They are great especially for brides who wear them on their wedding day.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs For Women

Butterflies are very subtle and pretty creatures that capture every woman. They are so inspiring that most women choose just butterfly for their first tattoo.  There are so many types of butterflies according which tattoo artists create incredible butterfly tattoos for women. Besides being so spiffy they also contain special meanings which are quite interesting and alluring. Today we’ll speak about stunning butterfly tattoos and will show some astounding pictures.

Amazing Travel Inspired Tattoos

Traveling is one of the most pleasures adventures each human being should do at least once in his/her life. It can change your mood, psychological state and the way of thinking. Many travelers that don’t imagine their life without journeys and they consider themselves globetrotters usually go for travel inspired tattoos. These tattoos are modern ways of showing your love towards traveling and nature.

Hottest Flower Tattoo Designs

When it comes to flower tattoos we pay special attention to each of them. Since very flower represents something interesting and meaningful we devote separate articles for each flower tattoo. However this time we have collected the hottest flower tattoo designs and besides showing the images we’ll also briefly refer to their meanings special for you. They are all done professionally and look very pretty.

Cool Japanese Tattoo Designs

Due to their fascinating and astounding nature today Japanese tattoos are widely spread all over the world. The thing is about handmade body art which wins all the machines which create modern tattoo designs. Actually Japanese tattoos have deep spiritual meninges and rich history. They are worn by men as well as by women. Here we’ll speak about cool Japanese tattoo designs which may inspire you for your next tattoo.

 Cool Star Tattoo Designs

One can never count all the stars in the sky. They are countless and each star has a unique and fascinating shine. They are the embellishments of the sky and look so mysterious. Many people believe that each star shines for someone in this world. They often get star tattoo designs on their bodies representing their own star. There are many designs for these tattoos and now we’ll discuss some options.

Hottest Lotus Tattoo Designs

Flowers are symbols of beauty and delicacy. They are usually associated with the most beautiful and charming things in the world. Each flower has a kind of tenderness that allures us and makes us think of the magnificent power it has. They inspire us and many people go for flower tattoos. One of them is lotus flower tattoos designs which are very spiffy.

Tribal Tattoo Designs for Men

Looking at tribal tattoos one surely feels the power and mystery they contain. Actually these are the oldest tattoos people started to use in body art. Before, both men and women in different tribes wore tribal tattoos and the main aim was to recognize each other among various tribes. Each tribe has it’s own symbols which were characteristic only to that specific tribe.

Compass Tattoo Ideas for You

If you like traveling perhaps you always keep a compass with you. This quite useful equipment is the inseparable part of any traveler. First men who wore compass tattoos were Spanish sailors and today many nautical lovers, military men and fishermen opt for compass tattoos. The tendency of getting this kind of tattoos expanded so much that even common travelers go for them.