Hottest Fire and Flame Tattoos

As tattoo designs fire and flame are quite impressive and eye-catching. Besides looking powerful they also hold several interesting meanings which we’ll discuss below. These tattoos are generally chosen by men and few women go for fire tattoos. There are various designs for fire and flame tattoos  which are sometimes combined with symbolic elements. In this article you’ll learn not only the meanings of fire tattoos but will also see some hot images.

Pretty Feather Tattoo Designs

The usage of feathers usually goes back to ancient times when Native American tribes used them as traditional and meaningful decorations on their bodies. Today many people go for feather tattoos just taking into account it’s beauty, meanings and significance they had in old times. They are very sophisticated and pretty tattoos and now we’ll discuss some of them. Both men and women go for these tattoos and consider them as a part of the rich Native American culture.

Meaningful Literary Tattoos

Many of us love poetry and sometimes create such poems that fascinate and surprise first of all our friends and relatives then even strangers who read our poems. They actually bring out our way of thinking, our individuality and feelings. Usually we are  inspired by a book, quote or other piece of literary and we learn some of them by heart. Those poems can inspire us for getting literary tattoos.

Awesome Deer Tattoo Ideas

Deer is a very beautiful and humble animal. Due to it’s calm and exquisite nature it inspires many men and women. Though deer tattoos are not main stream tattoos but many people go for them.  They bring kindness and gentleness with them and tend to make the body prettier. The meanings they hold are mainly associated with goodness, stillness and of course beauty.

Bible-Themed Tattoos

For Christians the Bible is the Holy Book from which they learn the way of right lifestyle and the means of saving their souls. It’s the most important book for any Christian that lives a spiritual life. There are few tattoos that are connected with spirituality and one of them is Bible-themed tattoos.Generally it’s not an easy task to choose a tattoo associated with Bible. 

Cutest Small Tattoo Ideas

Most people usually go for small tattoos as a first tattoo. After getting one small design on their bodies they get that courage of wearing larger tattoos too. Actually small designs look cuter and more delicate. There are millions of ideas for small tattoos and each goes for the one that is closer to his/her heart and means something special for him/her.

Coolest Lion Tattoos

Between animal tattoos lions are main stream tattoos. They are quite powerful and fascinating tattoos that attract both sexes. Like all animal tattoos lion tattoos also have a kind of symbolization associated with the attitude and lifestyle of these wild animals. Today we’ll speak about lion tattoos and their meanings and you will have the opportunity of choosing a cool design for your tattoo.

Coolest Sleeve Tattoo Designs

If you have seen sleeve tattoos covering an entire leg or arm, then perhaps you were impressed by it. These tattoos are one of the largest and most complicated tattoos that are basically worn by men. Women sometimes also go for these tattoos choosing subtler designs. They prefer to wear them on their limbs and thighs to emphasize the beauty of their legs. 

Cute Dolphin Tattoos

Dolphins are very kind and interesting animals that live in the heart of the oceans. Actually they are considered as one of the most intelligent animals of the Earth. They say that dolphins have special attitude towards human beings and unlike many other animals they love helping and having a kind relationship with men. The abilities they have often inspire many people who go for dolphin tattoos.

Skull Tattoos for Men

Today skull tattoos are main stream tattoos and they are requested especially among men. They represent different meanings and come up with plenty of designs. They are one of the most eye-catching and startling tattoos that can be depicted in different styles, shapes, hues and sizes. Today we’ll speak about these tattoos representing some skull tattoo designs for men. If you want to get a skull tattoo then the following examples can help you make your choice.