“A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear”. Just stop complaining and crying! Life is too short to spend your time in negative things. This article is for to bring joy, happiness and positivity into your gloomy life. Have a look at the playful and delightful collection of smiley face and smile tattoos represented here and change your mind from now on.smiley tattoo 2016Actually there are more things to smile at than to cry for. Be as positive as possible because the harsh conditions of life do everything to destroy your mind, your heart and your soul. You need to win them and smile at the things you were used to cry on. Learn smiling and everything will be cooler, easier, nicer and pleasant to you. This is the best thing you can ever you even if you don’t have much to give world or to gift people. A single smile can change the mood, the day, the emotional state, the way of thinking and even the heart of the person who sees it on your face. People who like smiling all the time are the kindest, the most charming and the most pleasant individuals in the world. They spread not only their positivity and beauty but also bring a kind of peace wherever they are. People believing in the power of smile which holds love, kindness, care and joy in it sometimes go for smiley face or smile tattoos always to have a smile on their skin. This is a “forever smile” that can keep you and people around you in a good mood and can even take out of depression, bad feelings and stress. Well, it’s a kind of inspiration, encouragement and a way of becoming more self-confident. I have never seen a smiling person looking bad. It’s the sunrise of the face and is the shine of the soul.

Smile Tattoo Designs

Smile tattoos can be depicted in some interesting ways. On of the common ideas is to get the word “smile” on your body in a small size. This can be worn on any body part starting from the face to the ankle. As they are simple tattoos they are usually tattooed in black ink. Another cool and modern design of a smile tattoo is the smiley face tattoo which gives you variety of playful options that are taken from out chat conversations and are now the inseparable part of our social network chats. It can be a tongue out funny smiley face, a twinkling smiley face or a laughing smiley face. All the options are funny enough and have a positive touch in them. These tattoos are basically done in small sizes and in yellow color. Though you can also see simple shaped smiley face tattoos in black ink. Those who are fond of more eye-caching tattoos combine it with additional element that make the design funnier. So, whatever you choose try to keep its funny design, the adventurous nature and the positivity it has.