When the night comes everything becomes peaceful, calm, silent and mysterious. We all love late night for different reasons. One enjoys looking at the stars, one loves the light of the moon and the other one likes too dark sky. One finds an inspiration for his/her creative work and some others just go mad for sleeping when it’s calm. Many other people choose getting night sleeve tattoos.Night Tattoo ideasThis is a way of expressing their passion towards the night, their love towards some art works associated with night and the mystery that links them with it. The idea of getting a night tattoo is very alluring and those who wish to wear a large flashy tattoo may choose this very style. You can get a night tattoo as a sleeve tattoo either on your arm or leg. The most used designs for many art enthusiasts is the painting by Vincent Van Gogh called “Starry Night?. It is a very miraculous piece of impressionism that looks perfect as a tattoo design. Others choose again complicated designs using their imagination or taking an idea of a real fantastic night scene. These tattoos are mainly depicted in blue, brown, purple colors but some prefer to get it in a monotone shade. In a night tattoo design you may often meet elements that are the inseparable parts of the night like the moon, stars and clouds. The additional elements are trees, sea, forest, other natural motifs and animals such as wolf. There are gloomy colored as well as brightly colored night tattoo designs. Everyone chooses a design according to his/her preferences and attitude towards night. If you, too, love the mystery of night and have decided to get a night tattoo you may like the idea of wearing it on sleeve. If you like you can frame the design with a vintage styled frame which will make the look more sophisticated. Now, have a look at these great examples.

Brown Night Sleeve Tattoo Designs

For those who love traditional tattoo art we offer brown inked bight tattoo designs. These are perfect especially for men who want to highlight their muscles and masculinity. Each design can stand for something special and the details can hold a personal meaning. You may add a sinking ship or a ship in a storm if you choose brown night tattoo.

Blue Night Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Keeping the dominant color in blue shades you can get a very pretty night scene on your skin. These perfectly bring out the clear image of the night which is generally a starry night. It’s a cool idea for romantics and for people enjoying the beauty of nature.

Van Gogh “Starry Night? Tattoo Designs

As I have already mentioned one of the most popular night tattoos are the designs inspired by the Van Gogh’s “Starry Night? painting which is a classic piece of impressionism. It’s a fantastic job to be depicted on arm or leg. So, if you like this painting then wear it as a tattoo design on your body.