If there was not a rain we couldn’t meet the rainbow. Rainbow is the sight of God that He will never again destroy the word with water. It was first seen after the big flood and is always smiling us with the sun after each rain. Today many people get inspired by it and nice rainbow tattoos on their bodies in different styles.rainbow tattooNone can ever deny the charm of a rainbow that brings joy, happiness and smile with it and shines so beautifully in the sky reminding us about the promise of our God. This is the magic of nature that can be compared with many things in our life. There is a kind of hope in each rainbow. Looking at it we are filled with positive energy that can hold us till the end of the day. We, human beings are very strange creatures. We seldom notice the wonders surrounding us and while noticing some we are supposed to keep our mood in its highest level because we were witnesses of magic, we remember it only for a short period of time. Well, but some others do their best to have that great mood in every situation, everywhere and forever. Those have chosen the way of getting nature tattoos. Rainbow tattoos are quite expensive tattoos and they are reflected on bodies differently depending on the shape, sizes and design you choose for it.

It goes without saying that rainbow tattoos are the brightest tattoos you can ever see. They are colored in the most pleasant and eye-caching colors which make them even more attractive. You can see both small and large rainbow tattoos depicted on different body areas. These tattoos look more sophisticated with quotes, flowers, birds, clouds, with the sun and with stars. They are amazing in watercolor style and are going to be main stream tattoos among the rest of watercolor tattoo designs. A rainbow tattoo is met not only in its popular arched shape but is also added to other designs like feathers, dandelions, ripped skin, heart shapes, stars, lightening and other designs which speak about the emotional star, feelings and mood of the wearer. Though the human mood is changeable but looking at these kind of tattoos one fills with lovely feelings. You can have your rainbow tattoo wherever you like and in any size you wish to. For large design you can choose your back, chest, rib, shoulder arm or sleeve. Smaller designs can be depicted on wrists, forearms, ankles, feet and stomachs. Those who wish to have a flashier and more attractive design can combine it with personal details and meaningful symbols. The best way to show off your feelings is having it in a rainbow colored tattoo design. Have a look at these options once more and choose the design which is closer to your heart, your soul and reflects your emotional state. Due to a rainbow tattoo you can also represent your interests. People will surely get interested by your personality.