Japanese tattoo art still continues to amuse us with its too detailed and intricate tattoo designs that drive the watchers mad. These are perhaps the largest tattoos that in many cases cover the entire body. The themes for these tattoos are limited but they seem not to have borders. The most popular themes on which tattoo artists create unbelievable designs are fish (mainly Koi fish), Geisha, dragon, cherry blossom, Samurai and Japanese tiger tattoos.

Today we’ll refer to tiger tattoo designs in which you may also see the above mentioned themes as combinations. In Japanese tattoo art the tiger is the symbol of power, courage, strength, supreme and royalty. It’s the winner of the wild world and always struggles against demons. This animal commands deep respect and is a very significant element in Asian cultures. In Chinese culture they symbolize the earth and are equal to dragons. In this case the tiger symbolizes matter while the dragon stands for spirit. People even decorate the walls of their houses and temples with the images of tigers. A tiger can also symbolize a self-confidence, trust in yourself and health they believe that the tiger can keep them away from diseases and demons that’s why you may often see parents who cloth their babies with clothes and shoes that have tiger prints on them. It is believed that it can protect the child. Due to their beautiful, bright colors and symbolic value tigers are the favorite tattoos for Japanese tattoo art enthusiasts who like to combine the beauty with the wisdom. Any Japanese tiger tattoo looks very fetching, pretty and delightful. Tigers have are good swimmers and this is another reason why these designs hold fish images too. As it is mostly done in large sizes the tattoo can even bring out its realistic influential image.

The statistics show that these tattoos are particularly chosen by men. They find the power, the masculinity and the strength just in tiger tattoos. Some even get it on their entire back. The most popular body parts for these tattoos are arms, legs, napes, chests, stomachs as well. Arm and leg tiger tattoos are sleeve tattoos that cover your entire arm or leg. The colors used for Japanese tiger tattoos are orange, black, and grey, brown, green and if there are additional elements they hold the colors suitable for their designs. Whatever you choose try to make your body more beautiful instead of destroying its charm.