Mirror, mirror on the wall show me who the most beautiful. You, my reader are the most beautiful. Why did I start my article like this? Because the title itself reminds of the well-known fairy tale where the magical mirror shows who is the most beautiful. The next question is why people wear mirror tattoos. Keep on reading and we’ll discover the concept and the charm of mirror tattoos right here.

For many people it’s a strange and very creative idea to wear a mirror tattoo. In different cultures mirror has symbolic meanings and there are superstitions associated with this interesting subject. They say that if the mirror is broken something bad will happen as it’s a sign of a misfortune. There is another belief linked to mirrors. People usually cover the mirrors of the house where there is a dead man. They say that the soul of the man may walk in the house and his glance may be fixed on the mirror later on. Some believe in these some not. Whatever it is a mirror is a wonderful thing into which we find our image and have the chance to see ourselves from the side. The majority of people especially among women always keep a mirror with them. It became the inseparable part of their lifestyle. In old times rich people used to have luxurious and huge mirrors at their houses. Kings liked to have as many mirrors as possible I n their castles. They were a kind of decoration for their bedrooms and for their walls. Today they have become more common and ordinary subjects the use of which still remains looking at yourself and styling either your hair, wear a makeup or get dressed in the flawless and perfect way.

Mirror Tattoo Designs

Well, let’s pass to mirror tattoo designs. These designs are usually depicted din the most careful and beautiful way. The most popular mirror tattoos are done in the vintage style as these are the pick of “the mirror art”. On the other hand they are loved by most women due to their pretty frames. You can get a mirror tattoo with an empty circle or full of images. These images can be skulls, eyes, paintings, animals, or a female silhouette. You may wear the subject you love the most on the center of your mirror. There are cases when people choose a broken mirror tattoo which symbolized bad luck or some other special meanings that the wearer may like to put in it. The colors for these tattoos vary from the brightest to the darkest hues. You can also wear a 3D mirror tattoo which is very influential, effective and impressive. Women can decorate the frame of the mirror with flowers and vines.

Where to Get a Mirror Tattoo

A mirror tattoo is not something to wear on nay body part you like. The most popular and suitable areas are forearms, wrists, thighs, backs, shoulders and sometimes chests. These tattoos can a have a kind of message in them that you want to express without speaking out loud. A quite can complete your tattoo design.