As we have already discussed sun and moon tattoos separately it’s time to consider them as one element in tattoo art. These two mysterious subjects are cool taken in as tattoo designs and are main stream tattoos. They look very astounding on the skin and are one of the most symbolic tattoos ever. Here you can see the best and the hottest examples of sun and moon tattoos which will inspire you for your next tattoo.sun and moon tattooSo, why do people create designs where the sun and the moon are depicted together? This is because many legend, poems and old stories of different cultures often referred to the sun and moon association and gave interesting ideas about them. The sun and the moon are the most contrasting ideas in the world. They never meet each other but have a great connection. The moon doesn’t have its own light and gets it only due to the sun. This speaks about the fact that though they have contrasts but they complete each other at the same time. The sun is with us during the whole daytime and the moon follows us at night. They both are equally essential for our planet, for our health and for our life. Without one of them the world wouldn’t exist. That’s why these two great subjects are usually seen in the symbol of Yin Yang as harmonious and well-balanced ideas which in spite of being contrasting complete each other. This is the most favorite tattoo design for many couples who look for a stunning, eye-caching and fascinating tattoo design. If you, too, find it a cool idea as a couple tattoo you can discuss it with your soul mate.

What concerns the designs we can say that there are many ways to create a modern-looking and beautiful sun and moon tattoo. They can be mingled into one design, they can be depicted with male and female faces, and they can be done in cartoon style, in tribal or in 3D style. One may find quite complicated designs that hold religious meanings as well. Those who are fond of simple designs may get a small sun and moon tattoo in black, brown or grey ink. If you like you can have your sun and moon tattoo separately like, one on the one foot and the second one on the next foot. Sun is generally associated with strength and power and thus can be chosen with a form of a male face, while the moon can be depicted in a female image as it stands for fertility, femininity and subtleness. The colors can be in black ink as well as in bright red, yellow, brown and blue, silver, grey shades.