Face tattoos are the most extraordinary and unique tattoos in body art. But before you get a face tattoo think carefully. Does it really worth? Perhaps you are working at an office or are planning to work at an office and your face tattoo may bring some misunderstandings. Many bosses don’t apply people with face tattoos and you should take it into account. But if you don’t care about the public reactions then go ahead.face tattoos 2016Then you should also be very careful while choosing a tattoo design for your face. It’s better to go for a good-looking and pleasant tattoo design. Smaller tattoos look nicer than larger ones. And since your face provides with less canvas it’s not recommended to get a tattoo on your entire face. You can choose a small symbol that means something special for you and get it on a part that won’t disturb you. You should make sure your tattoo looks pretty on that specific body part. The nest essential thing is to find a professional tattoo artist who never fails his/her works. Why is it so important? Because tattoos are forever and to erase the failed design from your face is a very difficult task.

Think about the reactions of your friends and relatives. Actually it’s better to discuss this issue with them beforehand. Take into consideration that face tattoos are very painful and as the skin of the face is very sensitive you may get much pain. Go for such tattoos only in case you really need it. Pick a nice art work that can fascinate the watcher and will bring some interest. Finalize where you want to wear your tattoo. If you are planning to get a colorful design keep in mind that they may fade quickly and will lose the effect. That’s why try to choose neutral colors. Pick a simple design that looks spiffy and will never make you get tired of it.

Remember that there will be many people who will not like your tattoo and may not like to contact with you. That is you may be isolated from the crowd in many cases. If you are a woman then try to choose a subtle and more feminine design which will make your face more beautiful and will not ruin your pretty face features. Men can go for more masculine tattoo designs choosing for example the tribal style. Avoid too much colored designs and keep in mind that you can always go for a temporary tattoo if you don’t have that much courage to get a permanent tattoo.