Hand and fingers are one of the most visible body parts that are harder to cover or hide compared with other areas. Tattoos depicted on fingers are very flashy and noticeable. The best advantage of finger tattoo designs is that they are in extra-small sizes and cover less canvas. These tattoos are loved by both sexes and are considered as the best options for first timers.

Though the choice is a bit limited when it comes to finger tattoos but you are welcome to get a fascinating design on your finger or fingers. These are popular fashion stamen tattoos all over the planet and have many varieties of looking as cool tattoos. Since they are small tattoos you should choose a clear-looking design in order to have an understandable and engaging tattoo. These are the favorite tattoos of girls who want to get a too small yet eye-caching tattoo on their skin. The basic design for finger tattoos are simple images, patterns, lines, symbols, letters, hearts, stars, natural motifs, animals, bows, flowers and crosses. The best choices for couples are ring tattoos which look cool on fingers. A popular idea is to get the word love along with a shape of heart. You can wear either a single tattoo design on your finger or several tattoos on fingers. Here you will see such incredible and unique finger tattoos that will speak about the fact that human imagination is really unlimited.

Ring Tattoo Designs

Spouses sometimes choose ring tattoos as a way of showing their eternal love towards each other and the fact they will be together till the end of their lives. There are various designs for ring tattoos from the simplest to the most complicated ones and each couple chooses the best design for them.

Animal Finger Tattoo Designs

If you have a favorite animal you can get its cutest image on your finger. Other reason to get an animal tattoo is the similar features you find between you and that creature. These animal tattoos generally look too nice.

Flower Finger Tattoo Designs

Flowers are the best things to be talks as tattoo ideas no matter in which size. They look beautiful in large sizes as well as in small sizes. You can wear either a black, brown or grey flower tattoo or a more colorful one.

Other creative finger ring tattoos can be found below. Check them and enjoy.