There are several factors to consider before going for a palm tattoo designs. First of all palm tattoos being inner tattoo design like the bottom the feet tend to fade away quicker than other tattoos. In spite of these the popularity of palm tattoo designs has been and continues to be actual. Today we’ll speak about some great solutions for palm tattoos that cover either a small part of the palm or the entire canvas provided by this body area.Palm Tattoos 2016To get a nice tattoo on your palm you should find a good and qualified tattoo artist and describe him/her the result you want to see on your palm. Though our article is not meant to encourage you for a palm tattoo but if you have decided to wear such tattoo then check the pictures represented here. We have tried to collect the best and the most creative palm tattoos for you. However you can always get a design which describes your individuality and has personal details in it.

Do Palm Tattoos Hurt?

Actually yes, they hurt. Palm is one of the most sensitive body parts getting a tattoo on which is quite painful. It holds lots of nerve endings which cause much harm while tattooing.

Palm Tattoo Designs

The best palm tattoos are the ones depicted in black ink. Unlike other tattoos these tattoos don’t look so beautiful in colorful solutions. That’s why if you want to get a palm tattoo you’d better make your choice between designs that are best reflected in black color. It can be a tribal tattoo or some other creative design. You can wear a geometric pattern, shape of design of an animal, subject or just a flower which will look like a mandala tattoo. Eye tattoo designs are also very popular for palm tattoos. So you can get an impressive eye tattoo design on your palm. The most creative ideas for palm tattoos are half palm designs which become a full design only when you bring together your both palm. In this case you get the clear image of the design. You may like the idea of getting birds, bird flocks, dandelions, raindrops, dots, maps, skull, sun, moon, heart, stars or even a “to do list” tattoo design. Some of the mentioned designs look very original and fascinating on palms. Quotes are also possible to depict on palms but as your tattoo may soon fade away you’d better choose an image instead of a writing. Not every tattoo artists takes the risk of depicting a tattoo on palm, so if you wish to be provided with the desired result you should make sure your tattoo artists has some experience in this field.