One can never count all the stars in the sky. They are countless and each star has a unique and fascinating shine. They are the embellishments of the sky and look so mysterious. Many people believe that each star shines for someone in this world. They often get star tattoo designs on their bodies representing their own star. There are many designs for these tattoos and now we’ll discuss some options.Star TattoosThere are two basic types of star tattoos; Pentagram and Nautical. Yu can see 3D, tribal, shooting and watercolor star tattoos which all look very beautiful. So, what do star tattoos represent? They usually symbolize protection, hope and also the aims of the wearer. You can either get a single image of a star tattoo or combine it with several other elements like flowers, butterflies, moon, sun, quotes, zodiac signs and hearts.

Depending on the body area you choose you can get either a large or a small tattoo design. Men usually wear star tattoos on their arms, backs, chests in larger sizes and in neutral black or brown colors. Women choose smaller ones in colorful hues. Small star tattoos can be worn on necks, hands, wrists, forearms and even on faces. Modern styles of these tattoos are also combined with geometric designs and watercolor details. They look very unique and striking.

Shooting Star Tattoos

Shooting star tattoos generally show off a single small star which is in a movement. It represents dreams and aims which you want to come true. Many people go for these tattoos finding some inspiration and courage in them. You can have it in blue color.

A Group of Star Tattoos

Those that like to have a cute and seductive tattoo design can get a group of star tattoos on any body part they want. In many cases they are worn on necks and actually it’s a smart choice for stars tattoos. Using only bold black ink your tattoo will look appealing and subtle.

Big Star Tattoos

Men who want to get a big star tattoo can choose 3D styles designs. These tattoos are quite original and look more powerful. Another alternative is getting a tribal star tattoo which will also demand large space. Here are shown the best options for star tattoos and if you want to get one but yet don’t know in which style you can choose one of these designs. They are professionally tattooed and look charming on bodies.