As a body part for a tattoo the chest is a very visible and large area. It’s one of the most essential body areas that hold the heart, thus it’s a very important part in our body. Chest tattoos usually grab attention and look large enough. The canvas provided by them allows tattoo artists to create flawless tattoos. However these tattoos are very painful compared with leg, arm or shoulder tattoos.Chest tattoosSometimes the collar bone is also involved in the tattooing process and this brings more pain than any other tattoo. So, before you go for a chest tattoo consider this fact beforehand. Now, let’s pass to the most common and possible tattoo designs that can be depicted on chest. The variety of designs that you may make your choice between give you the chance of getting an extraordinary, traditional or modern tattoo design. Many men prefer to wear tribal chest tattoos to enhance their masculinity. As these tattoos are done in black ink they look very bold and powerful. You may mainly see large chest tribal tattoos as the smaller designs won’t be so suitable for this large canvas. For more modern designs males choose other styles as well. There are crown, skull, memorial, animal, bird, ripped skin and 3D styles chest tattoos that male choose for different reasons. Each of these designs has a significant meaning for the wearer. For example if the bearer has chosen an animal or a bird tattoo for his chest he may want to represents the similarity between him and the chosen creature. On the other hand women pick cuter, smaller and more feminine designs. These can be shapes of hearts, stars, flowers, vines, quotes, butterflies and bird flocks. They look very spiffy and make this body area more attractive. There are both neutral and brightly colored tattoos. You may choose either a dark shadowed tattoo design or a playful and colorful one. Religious symbols like crosses, portraits of saints, the image of the Buddha, lotuses and doves are also chosen as chest tattoo ideas. They hold symbolic meanings and speak about the wearer’s beliefs. The latest version of a chest tattoo is the real heart tattoo design. It is depicted in various ways starting from the geometrical shape to the most realistic image of a heart. If you like you can get it or any other design in 3D style and your tattoo will draw much attention.