Mens Tattoos

Tribal Animal Tattoo Designs

Men and women following the traditional tattoo art and old-school tattoo designs often go for different types of tribal tattoos be it a Polynesian, Maori, Native American or Hawaiian. All the tribes differ from each other with their designs, principal themes and shapes. But there is a general principle that unites all the styles.  Today we’ll speak about tribal animal tattoo designs and will give some explanations to the meanings they hold.

Coolest Behind the Ear Tattoo Ideas

One of the most sensitive areas of the human body are the parts behind the ear getting tattoos where is becoming popular. You can have any medium to small sized tattoo design behind the ear choosing either a masculine or a feminine design. These are the most “convenient” tattoos as they are visible only for the watcher, they don’t disturb or annoy you and finally they are very subtle in most cases.

Snake Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Snakes are unique and very extraordinary animals in the wild world. They have their own special pace in this world and are associated with thousands of myths, legends and old stories. They have both positive and negative meanings and people wearing snake tattoo designs want to show either its positive or negative symbolization which mostly depends on the person who wears it.

Creative Palm Tattoo Ideas

There are several factors to consider before going for a palm tattoo designs. First of all palm tattoos being inner tattoo design like the bottom the feet tend to fade away quicker than other tattoos. In spite of these the popularity of palm tattoo designs has been and continues to be actual. Today we’ll speak about some great solutions for palm tattoos that cover either a small part of the palm or the entire canvas provided by this body area.

Amazing Mountain Tattoos

If nature can inspire artists so much that they create awesome tattoos with natural motifs then mountain tattoos are not only good ideas but also have peaceful charm in them. If you feel as if the breathe and the height of mountains are the things you need most of all in your life, then wear an unrepeatable mountain tattoo on your skin. 

Modern Stamp Tattoo Designs

Who could ever imagine that in the modern world of fashion and body art stamps could gain so much popularity and request. These small pieces of paper are today seen on clothing, on designs and in collections of people who like to have original stamp collection. So, why do people wear stamp tattoo designs on their bodies? Let’s discover this together.

Japanese Tiger Tattoo Designs

Japanese tattoo art still continues to amuse us with its too detailed and intricate tattoo designs that drive the watchers mad. These are perhaps the largest tattoos that in many cases cover the entire body. The themes for these tattoos are limited but they seem not to have borders. The most popular themes on which tattoo artists create unbelievable designs are fish (mainly Koi fish), Geisha, dragon, cherry blossom, Samurai and Japanese tiger tattoos.

Delightful Sunset and Sunrise Tattoos

There is something miraculous in each sunset and in each sunrise. There is something inexplicable in each sunset and in each sunrise and there is something breathtaking in both of these magic. Sunset and sunrise appeals not only human beings but also animals. It’s the wheel of the life that reminds you of the ongoing life. People loving and enjoying sunsets and sunrises often go for sunset and sunrise tattoos.

Cool Sea Turtle Tattoo Designs

When it comes to animal tattoos we find so interesting symbolism which inspires people. There are too fascinating and less symbolic animals and as for turtle tattoos we can say that they are very astounding animals for many cultures. This is a strange creature with an ability to navigate both in land and water. Its shell makes it look unique and more exceptional. In body art turtles are representatives of well-balanced, strong and stable nature.

Realistic Eye Tattoo Ideas for 2016

Striking and very realistic tattoos sometimes seem very cool and even hot. Today the trendy tattoo ideas are realistic tattoos and eye tattoos in 2016 could be very fashionable. These tattoos have deep meanings that are mainly associated with soul, mind and way of thinking. Not everyone can go for such a tattoo but those who choose are brave enough.