Mens Tattoos

Most Beautiful White Ink Tattoos

White ink tattoos are the latest innovations in the world of body art. They are the most exquisite and hardly visible tattoos for those who seek for a less noticeable tattoo idea. If the rest of tattoos are eye-caching because of their bold, dark or vivid colors white ink tattoos are usually even hardly noticeable. But the effect they create on the skin is very astounding and sometimes even startling.

Memorial or R.I.P Tattoos

When people lose someone very important and lovely in their life they hardly come to the reality from the shocking slap of the life. It’s not so easy to come to terms with the fact that you’ll never ever see your beloved person again next to you. This sometimes motivates them to get a memorial or R.I.P tattoos on their bodies.

Coolest Starfish Tattoo Designs

Like many other marine creatures starfish or the star of the sea is a lovely star shaped animal is a mainstream tattoo particularly for sailors. They attract many people due to their beautiful shape, colors and size. Starfish tattoo designs look very spiffy and cute on bodies. Their small size allows them to be one of the coolest ideas among the rest of small tattoos.

Unique Elbow Tattoo Ideas

So far we have been many body parts where one can wear a tattoo and this time we’ll speak about unique elbow tattoo ideas. This body part is a quite strange place to get a tattoo design on. Though these are not popular tattoos but the researches show that many people both among men and women go for them. But before wearing the tattoo enthusiast should consult with his/her tattoo artists to choose the best design.

Scorpion Tattoo Designs

Scorpions as tattoo ideas have always been in tattoo art starting from ancient times. These are poisonous creatures that can live in different palaces and can survive even in harsh conditions. Scorpion tattoos are mainstream tattoos and are worn by both genders. These tattoos have old stories and come from tribal cultures. They are cool and impressive enough tattoos and are worn mainly by people born under the scorpion zodiac sign.

Best Vintage Flower Tattoo Designs

Recently the retro style is becoming the most required style both in fashion and body art worlds. This is favorite style of celebrities, stars and stylish people. All women go mad for the romantic and calm nature of vintage styled designs, rooms, houses, clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry and everything connected with it. Vintage flower tattoo designs are not exception and they are very fashionable these days.  

Modern Map Tattoo Ideas for 2016

2016 is the year of creativity and it requires creative approach in every field starting from fashion to body art. This time we’ll refer to travel inspired modern map tattoo ideas for 2016 which will give you the chance of getting acquainted with styling tattoos which you can get in different ways, styles, shape, sizes and designs.

Smiley Face and Smile Tattoos

“A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear”. Just stop complaining and crying! Life is too short to spend your time in negative things. This article is for to bring joy, happiness and positivity into your gloomy life. Have a look at the playful and delightful collection of smiley face and smile tattoos represented here and change your mind from now on.

Night Sleeve Tattoo Designs

When the night comes everything becomes peaceful, calm, silent and mysterious. We all love late night for different reasons. One enjoys looking at the stars, one loves the light of the moon and the other one likes too dark sky. One finds an inspiration for his/her creative work and some others just go mad for sleeping when it’s calm. Many other people choose getting night sleeve tattoos.

Amazing Shell Tattoo Ideas

A shell is a fastidious holder of some fascinating creatures in the sea. If people didn’t discover the magic of the sea they could never get inspired by the subtle beauty of shells. They have different shapes and thus shell tattoos have different designs. You can meet shells for bivalves, nautilus and marine mollusks and so on. Each picks a design closer to his/her interest and taste.