Mens Tattoos

Nautical Star Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Over the year many trued to find out the true meaning of the nautical star. It fascinated many tattoo enthusiasts who today wear nautical star tattoos on their bodies for different reasons. Today we’ll speak about these “reasons” and will try to discover what nautical star tattoos mean. Don’t miss this article and keep your eye on it because we are going not only to tell an interesting story but also will represent some great examples.

Bracelet Tattoo Ideas

Bracelet tattoos are in thing these days and they are one of the most required tattoo ideas among both sexes. This is variety of designs for bracelet tattoos and each finds his/her style easily. From tribal to the most exquisite lace bracelet tattoos you are welcome to wear the one that appeals to you most of all. This is a modern style statement that decorates and makes the body attractive at the same time.  

Indian Skull Tattoos and Their Meanings

Many people just love the tribal body art and appreciate it even today. This is the oldest tattoo art that has something to tell us about ancient times and about the tribes that used to wear tattoos. Though today we live in a developed civilization but many tribal tattoos such as Indian skull tattoos are still proffered by many men as well as by many women.

Best Bohemian Tattoo Ideas

Bohemian style has recently knocked our doors of fashion, hairstyles, jewelry and today also body art. If tattoo art is a way of embellishing your body then bohemian tattoo ideas will appeal to you. What they represent and what possible designs there exist you’ll learn just here. These are wild and very tender tattoos that will inspire the majority of women.

3D Watercolor Tattoo Designs

Today tattoo art is so involved and improved that the innovative ideas which take place in this field make us get amused and surprised by the creativity of the human brain. The combination of the modern 3D effect and watercolor art brings a smashing result in body art ready to fascinate all tattoo enthusiasts. 3D watercolor tattoo designs look beautiful, eye-catching, attractive and very impressive.

Hottest Calf Tattoo Ideas

Calf is a quite attractive body area to get a tattoo on. It’s also easy to hide and show off whenever you want, so both men and women wear calf tattoos. It provides you with much space to have a large and flashy tattoo design on. More often calf is used as a canvas for a sleeve tattoos and the result looks astounding enough.

New Hypnotizing Spiral Tattoo Designs

If you have heard about hypnotizing spiral tattoos perhaps you couldn’t have imagined how they look until you looked at some pictures. This is a modern body art that has a curiosity and playfulness in it. Spiral tattoos look like geometric tattoos but generally they are more complicated. These are the discoveries of an Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci in 13th century.

Medical Alert Tattoo Ideas

In most cases people wear tattoos to show off their individuality, taste and way of thinking and while they are looking for astounding and creative ideas for their new tattoos some get tattoos to protect themselves and to save their lives literary. These tattoos are medical alert tattoos that speak about the disease of the wearer so that the watcher may help if it’s needed.

Crazy Optical Skull Tattoo Designs

Skull tattoos have always been mainstream tattoos but the fact that they are becoming more and more popular is interesting. So, why? Do they look so beautiful that people choose just skull tattoos? The matter has no deal with charm, beauty and attractiveness. It’s all about fascination and deep symbolism that skull tattoos hold. Today we’ll refer to optical skull tattoo designs which look crazy and breathtaking.

Creative Constellation Tattoo Designs for 2016

The most mysterious, fascinating and delightful things in the world is the constellation that has always interested people from the oldest times. Once you look at the night sky you cannot but get admired by the magic it holds in it. Who could ever imagine that the human fantasy might seek for a constellation tattoo? This is the new trend for 2016.