Flower Tattoos

Cool Sleeve Tattoos

The ideas for sleeve tattoos are so various and incredible that when you look for a design meeting your preferences and interests you get confused. Which one to choose and which theme is the best for you? This is the first question you should have an answer for to get a sleeve tattoo. Then you should consider the fact that sleeve tattoos are large enough and cover either your entire leg or arm or even both legs or arms.

Beautiful Dandelion Tattoo Ideas

Dandelion tattoos are very popular these days. They are loved by both genders and have symbolic meanings like many other tattoos. It is our great pleasure to inform you about the stories told for this or that tattoo and about the meanings they hold. Today we’ll speak about beautiful dandelion tattoo ideas and will show you some possible designs that look quite spiffy.

Powerful Crown Tattoo Designs

If you sometimes feel as if you are a king or a queen then the idea of getting a crown tattoo may appeal to you. The crown symbolizes power, authority and leadership. Crowns have been the emblems of rulers, kings and queens. The most precious natural stones were always collected on crowns. They had not only a luxurious look but also had a kind of power in them.

Coolest Rain Tattoos

Today I am going to represent you the coolest rain tattoos. Many of us love rain because it brings peace with it and cleans everything. Very often we associate it with romantics. The emotions that surround us when it rains are very beautiful and the idea of wearing a rain tattoo is quite pleasant. Most people go for these tattoos choosing designs that are combined with umbrellas, flowers, clouds and lightening.

Leg Sleeve Tattoos for Women

Sleeve tattoos have quite large and complicated designs which cover either your entire leg or arm. Today we’ll speak about leg sleeve tattoos for women and will discuss some ideas for this kind of tattoos. Women who go for sleeve tattoos usually choose designs that could enhance the beauty of their legs and can represent their personality. And the subtler your design the more feminine you’ll look.

Sunflower Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Between so many flowers sunflower tattoos have their pretty designs and interesting meanings. These meanings generally come from the legends and stories told in old times. It’s symbolization inspires many men and women and they deice to wear an exquisite sunflower tattoo. And since this tattoo can be depicted on any body part and in any size it’s a very cute choice for a first tattoo.

Cutest Small Tattoo Ideas

Most people usually go for small tattoos as a first tattoo. After getting one small design on their bodies they get that courage of wearing larger tattoos too. Actually small designs look cuter and more delicate. There are millions of ideas for small tattoos and each goes for the one that is closer to his/her heart and means something special for him/her.

Coolest Sleeve Tattoo Designs

If you have seen sleeve tattoos covering an entire leg or arm, then perhaps you were impressed by it. These tattoos are one of the largest and most complicated tattoos that are basically worn by men. Women sometimes also go for these tattoos choosing subtler designs. They prefer to wear them on their limbs and thighs to emphasize the beauty of their legs. 

Hottest Flower Tattoo Designs

When it comes to flower tattoos we pay special attention to each of them. Since very flower represents something interesting and meaningful we devote separate articles for each flower tattoo. However this time we have collected the hottest flower tattoo designs and besides showing the images we’ll also briefly refer to their meanings special for you. They are all done professionally and look very pretty.

Hottest Lotus Tattoo Designs

Flowers are symbols of beauty and delicacy. They are usually associated with the most beautiful and charming things in the world. Each flower has a kind of tenderness that allures us and makes us think of the magnificent power it has. They inspire us and many people go for flower tattoos. One of them is lotus flower tattoos designs which are very spiffy.