Animal Tattoos

Morning Glory Flower Tattoos for Women

Morning glory is a subtle flower loved by all females and is a good idea for a tattoo design. It has a shape of a trumpet and it likes to blossom in the morning, that’s why people called it Morning Glory. Birds also like these flowers and morning glory tattoos are often met with the combination of a hummingbird design. It has different shades which is another plus for a tattoo design.

Best Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

Sometimes people choose tattoo designs according to a body part ad sometimes they pick a body part according to the design. Both versions depend on the preferences of the tattoo bearer. Shoulder tattoos are on of the popular ones among medium tattoos. They cover enough space and bring out a clear image. Shoulder also is an eye-caching body area both for men and women.

Creative Forearm Tattoo Ideas

Getting a foreman tattoo is a quite brave and risky step as it’s an eye-catching and very visible tattoo that you can hide only in cold seasons. However many men prefer to have their first tattoo either on the wrist or on the forearm omitting the fact they may be criticized by many people around them. This body part is appealing also for women and females go for forearm tattoos too.

Cutest Swallow Tattoo Designs

If you have ever followed the lifestyle and the flight of swallows perhaps you have noticed how high they love to fly and how harmoniously they live with their families. These spiffy birds are used to weave their nests on the roofs of buildings if they live in cities. Being close to human beings they are often in the center of attention and people sometimes getting an inspiration wear swallow tattoo designs.

Hottest Neck Tattoo Ideas

When we refer to small tattoo design we always mention neck as one of the best body parts to get a small tattoo on. It’s not only a good area for a small tattoo but also is very attractive as a body part. People seek for looking more seductive and that’s why they go for various neck tattoo designs.

Best Small Fish Tattoo Designs

If you are born under the astrology sight of Pisces probably you have a special attitude towards these cute creatures. They are really very astounding and beautiful. Looking at the lifestyle, charm and attitude of fish one may get inspired so much that will start thinking of a fish tattoo. Special for these tattoo enthusiasts I have collected the best small fish tattoo designs. Have a look at them and pick one for you.

Stunning Dragonfly Tattoo Ideas

When people make their choice between animal, bird and insect tattoos they often choose the most beautiful, the most meaningful and the most attractive idea that meets their interests, taste and preferences. According to this tattoo designs vary from the coolest to the cutest. When it comes to subtle insect tattoos dragonfly tattoo designs make a great meaningful choice for many tattoo art enthusiasts.

Most Exquisite Collar Bone Tattoos

Being the most painful body part for a tattoo design collar bone is the subtlest area for a tattoo for any woman. The tattoos done on the collar bone are considered as the most exquisite tattoos for females. They look so cool and hot that many women go for a collar bone tattoo even omitting the fact that it is going to be too painful. As it is said beauty requires sacrifices.

Simple Geometric Tattoo Designs

The modern way of wearing a tattoo greatly differs from what people had ancient times. Today you can see very interesting solutions that make your eyes wide open. Times have passed away when we used to see traditional and common tattoos. Today you can see watercolor, ripped skin, 3D, lace and even simple geometric tattoos that are rather cool in their style.

Coolest Bird Tattoo Designs

Nature has always been a souse of inspiration for body art loves and for tattoo enthusiasts. It’s the most magnificent thing where you can find so many wonders and magical that surround you but you seldom notice them. Just looking at the behavior of the birds and animal one may think how wonderful our world is. Today’s article is devoted to the incredibly beautiful and cool bird tattoo designs.